mercoledì 19 settembre 2012

9 tips to learn English even if you have little time

There are a lot of students who ask me how they can improve their English but they have little time to study.
It does not matter what your level is, here you can find some useful tips!

1) Have a weekly lesson at Larissa's Languages (in the picture below you'll find the timetable)

2) Do not have breaks: use English everyday even for a few minutes.

3) Select English as language for your mobile phone.

4) If you have a smarthphone, download a free application to learn English such as

5) Read books in English (at Larissa's you will find books in English for any level, from beginner to advanced). If you have an I-phone you can download this free app

6) Learn a new word or phrase everyday! For example, apply for a mailing list

7) Repeat new words you have learnt and try to use them as more as possible.

8) Read information you are interested in English (for example this post :-) )

9) Write a sentence or a page of diary every night before going to bed decribing your day.

Enjoy your English!

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