martedì 13 novembre 2012

Language Exchange: November 10th

Last Saturday we had our first meeting with the new students!

The Language Exchange is an amazing activity you can practice your speaking skills with both your classmates and native American people.

In the first meeting we played HUMAN BINGO
Students wrote the names of the people who were in class, then the questions they wanted to ask. Later they started their interviews. When they had all their charts filled in we talked about each student. Everyone said something about the others, of course the information was given both in Italian (by the Americans) and in English (by the Italians).

Our next meeting will be on December 1st. If you want to take part you have to enrol at LARISSA'S LANGUAGES (STUDIO DI CONSULENZA LINGUISTICA).
I remind my students on Saturday 17th there will be the MOVIE AFTERNOON, please confirm your presence ;-)

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