domenica 31 maggio 2020

My Teaching Reflections - Differentiation

Over the last few months I have been busy teaching online. I have learnt lots of new things about teaching and learning and I have decided to create a new series of blogposts about my teaching reflections in which I will give practical tips and hacks and suggest some reading about the topic I am dealing with each time. I will follow the KISS 💋 rule - I will Keep my posts Short and Simple in order not to get you bored.

👩‍🏫 👨‍🏫Differentiation is not discrimination.

▶️When students are assigned different tasks, they are not concerned about the task itself but the
reason behind that allocation - we, teachers, should communicate to ‘less confident learners that our aim is to find ways to include them in the lesson’.

▶️ Inclusiveness and togetherness play an essential role in classroom dynamics - it is advisable not to use differentiated activities at the beginning/end of the lesson.

▶️ Dominant learners tend to shout 🗣 their answers, talk over one another and interrupt other students. On the other hand, less confident students will assume a passive role. Especially during online lessons they just mute their microphones 🤐. The ‘random tool’ (a feature you can find in or you can make on your own by simply using lollipop sticks) gives all the students an equal opportunity to answer questions.

The book 📖 I recommend today is:
Mixed-Ability Teaching by Dudley and Osváth.

You can find it here.

That’s all folks!

Bye for now,

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