mercoledì 19 giugno 2013

Cambridge Book Fair in Rome: my personal review

Yesterday I went to the Cambridge Book Fair in Rome and it was a great experience. Not only was there a huge amount of books there were also highly-qualified, dedicated professionals to give seminars.
I really enjoyed the Joined-up speaking and listening by Johanna Stirling. She focused on fluency by making us listen to two conversations. The first conversation looked like one students can have whereas the second one was a typical  conversation between native people. Then she showed us some activities from the new edition of Face2Face in order to enhance students' fluency when they have a conversation, such as showing interest in what other people are saying. Johanna Stirling also stressed the importance of teaching pronunciation not only to improve students' speaking fluency but also their listening fluency.
The seminar by Marcus Tubby dealt about the use of technology in communicative activities. I had never seen the websites he showed us before and I am going to use them both in class and homework activities in my summer courses.
I was really impressed and I'd like to thank Cambridge English for giving me this fantastic opportunity!

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