lunedì 12 agosto 2013

You are more beautiful than you think

Many times I have classes with small groups of girls or women only and what I noticed is that they understimate their beauty. Dove and I think women are more beautiful than they think so I planned this lesson ;-)

1) Show your students this video until minute 0:55 without audio.
2) Ask your students the following questions:
- Who is the man? What is he doing?
- What are the women doing?
- Can he see them?
- Why do you think he is drawing them?

3) Show your students this picture and ask them to draw their own face.
4) Now show your students the video with the audio until minute 1:26. Ask them: Why does the artist want to have two descriptions of the same person?

5)  Ask your students to draw the face of the student sitting next to them.

6) Now show them the video till the end. Were they right in their predictions?

7) Focus on the language of slogan "You are more beautiful than you think".

8) Finally, invite your students to have a little conversation about beauty.
Suggested questions:
- What is beauty for you?
-  Do you think physical appearance is important? When?
- Do you know anyone who feels ugly?

I do hope you will enjoy the lesson as we did!

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