lunedì 5 agosto 2013

Love don't co$t a thing

My followers and students know I love to create my lessons using everything I see, listen to in my daily routine. Last week I read this e-book
written by highly-qualified English teachers. I was impressed by the first story How shiny fall... by  Kerstin Hammes (visit her website and so I decided to create this lesson plan.


1) Show your students this picture (taken from the story)
2) Ask them what they can see. Do they think a ring is a token (symbol) of love?

3) Ask them to read the title and try to guess what the story is about.

4) Tell your students to read in small groups the first paragraph and ask the following questions:
- Who is the narrator of the story?
- Which words does the ring use to describe itself?
5) Students read the second paragraph and then work in pairs:
6) Students read paragraph 3 and 4 now. Ask them to predict what happens to the main character.
7) Let them read the ending. Are they happy with it? My students were quite sad about the end of the story so their homework was re-writing the ending.

This is from my student Carla.

One day, she took me back from the box. I was so happy. She had been pregnant so her finger was too fat for me. Now they had a baby and I was in my place again.

By the way, you can use this story to review comparatives.
Download the e-book you will find other fascinating stories. Hurry up!

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