marted├Č 11 aprile 2017

The dice game: a fun, low-prep speaking game

UPDATE: This blog post has been awarded the 'Blog Award for Innovative Teaching Ideas' by Teaching English British Council for the month of April 2017.

A fun game to revise the question form of past simple and of course... to speak ­čçČ­čçž!!!

Level: elementary

Age of students: Children, teenagers, adults

Aim of the game: Practising past simple forms

What you need: a dice each 3 students

*You can adapt easily this game to meet your students' needs. For example, it can also be used to practise present simple and frequency adverbs.

Rules of the game
1) Think of 6 actions you did yesterday.
2) Write them down.
3) Work in groups of 3.
4) In turn, roll the dice and read out the sentence that corresponds to the number you got.
E.g. I roll the dice and I get 1. I read out the sentence "I ate fish and chips".
5) The other two learners in the group need to make up a suitable question for my answer.
E.g. Question by Maria: " What did you eat for lunch yesterday?"
Question by Francesco: "What did you eat for dinner yesterday?"
6) The student who rolled the dice decides which question is the most suitable for their answer. 
7) The learner(s) who guessed the correct question get(s) as many points as the spots on the face of the dice)
E.g. In this case Maria got 1 point because I had fish and chips for lunch.

Some feedback
My students and I loved this game because:
- it was a good way to drill the question form of past simple;
- they practiced irregular verbs;
- and finally, they got some points to become the best student of the month ­čśť

38 commenti:

  1. Loved it.
    Simple and very effective!
    I'll definetely have a go with my students.
    Thank you!

  2. Hello. I have a question about the game. Who asks the question? A member from the same group or from another group?

    1. Hello,

      The people who ask the questions are from the same group ;)

  3. Hi Larissa,

    Just to let you know that we’ve shortlisted this blog post for this month’s TeachingEnglish blog award and I’ll be putting up a post about it on today’s TeachingEnglish Facebook page, if you’d like to check there for comments.


  4. Risposte
    1. You're welcome, Miguel. I'm glad you find it useful! Larissa

  5. I am sure i will try this with my students and share it with my colleagues next time i organize a workshop. I like it very much.

    1. Hi there! Thanks! Please let me know your feedback! Larissa

  6. Many thanks for the idea. I have a conversation program for my students, and I think I'll take this game to my junior high school students who are learning the simple past tense.

  7. Thanks a lot. It sounds engaging and fun and I'll try it tomorrow.

  8. Thanks! It can also be used to practice other verb tenses. Great idea!!!

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  10. What do you do when the students roll the same number each time? The first time the student rolled #1 on the dice & the 2nd time the student rolled the same number.

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