sabato 2 luglio 2011

In order to repeat PAST SIMPLE

This is a communicative game for reviewing past tense.

STEP 1 Draw stick figures on the whiteboard. Each team has 3 lives.

STEP 2 Divide the class into teams. Brainstorm past tense verbs (get a lot). Explain the rules*. Model the exercise. The idea is that the first team starts with the word "First", the second team "Next", the third team "Then" , the first "After that" and  and the second "Finally", making past tense sentences. Every time you come round to "First" the story can start in a new situation.

STEP 3 The  teams that  lose three lives die and  become  ghosts. The last team alive is
the winner.
*A team loses a life if
- they repeat a verb already used
- they make a grammar mistake
- they take too long
- they make a ridiculous sentence

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