lunedì 7 novembre 2011

remember remember the 5th November...


  • Complete the text with the words in the box
London - 1605
Guy Fawkes was Catholic. He hated the __________(1) and the Parliament because they were anti-Catholic. That is why he wanted to ___________(2) the Houses of Parliament. Unfortunately, he was not successful. The king found out about the ___________(3) The king’s soldiers caught Guy Fawkes with 36 _____________(4) of______________(5). He was guilty of________________(6).
London - Today
Children make figure of Guy Fawkes. They dress it in ___________(7) clothes and put a ___________(8) on its head. In the evening they ____________ (9) their Guy on the top of a _____________ (10) . They also watch _____________ (11) display.

old – plot - burn - fireworks - barrels - blow up - gunpowder – hat –– bonfire - King– treason

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