domenica 4 dicembre 2011

Travelling in Great Britain

Driving in Great-Britain 

A street in an English town. A policeman stops a car. The driver is a foreigner...
Policeman : (Holding up his hand) Stop !
Driver : What's the matter ?
Policeman : Why are you driving on the right side of the road ?
Driver : Do you want me to drive on the wrong side ?
Policeman : You are driving on the wrong side !
Driver : But you said I was driving on the right side &
Policeman : That's right. But you're on the right, and that's wrong !
Driver : What a strange country ! If right is wrong, I'm right when I'm on the wrong side of the road.
So why did you stop me ?
Policeman : My dear Sir, you must keep to the left. The right side is the left !
Driver : It's like a looking glass ! I'll try to remember. Well, I want to go to Bellwood. Will you kindly tell me the way ?
Policeman : Certainly ! At the end of this road, turn left.
Driver : Now let me think & Turn left ! In England, left is right and right is wrong. Am I right ?
Policeman :You'll be right if you turn left. But if you turn right, you'll be wrong &
Driver : Thank you very much ! It's as clear as daylight !

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