venerdì 22 marzo 2013

Language Exchange: Pizza party!

I have been hosting Language Exchanges (Italian and American students who meet each other to improve their language skills and of course have fun together) since November 2011. The first time was a "Speed dating". It was a sort of meeting at a bar (with real coffee and tea, by the way) to get know each other five minutes in English and five minutes in Italian, then the pairs changed...
We played Who wants to be a millionaire (Chi vuole essere milionario), Taboo, Pictionary and so on...
Last Wednesday, for the first time, we went out to eat a pizza all together! I really had fun! I was proud of my students who tried to express themselves in a language that was not theirs.
I know they made a big effort and their improvements were terrific! I hope we will replay it soon!

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