giovedì 26 settembre 2013

A bucket of materials

Hi everyone!
I did not post much in the last two months but now I'm back! 
A few materials I created for my TEFL lesson practice.
I wrote this short story to introduce -ING/-ED adjectives. You can use it as a notice for the Target Language. (Upper-intermediate)

New Vocabulary: Expressions about relationships. The first exercise was used to introduce the meaning and the second one  was the controlled practice activity. (Upper-intermediate)

The Passive Voice (Intermediate)

I adapted this article from different websites on Google News. It was used as an engaging notice for a lesson about the passive voice. Before handing the text out I asked students to predict what the news was about by giving them three words taken from the text.
Forms of the passive for simple/continuous tenses and some modal verbs.
Another piece of news. This time to complete with the right tense of the passive form of the verbs in brackets.
Students become journalists: In pairs or groups of three write a short article using the headlines and the pictures above. The feedback might be in form of TV/radio broadcasting. Ss pretend to be newsreaders and reporters on the spot to give more details. 

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