sabato 1 giugno 2013

6 free websites to "keep your English fit" during the summer break

Hi there!
Most of you have stopped your English classes for the summer break but you are afraid of forgetting what you have learnt so far. Don't worry!
I chose 6 free websites that can be used by all type of students (from elementary to advanced). If you want to "keep your English fit" during the summer break, have  a look at this post!

KNOWBLE (you must sign up)
Improve your English reading comprehension and vocabulary.

VOSCREEN (you might sign up)
Improve your English listening comprehension by using films and your own language.

Record your voice so you can compare your pronunciation and intonation to those of mother tongue people.


Improve your English listening and speaking skills with movie scenes. First listen to the actors and then repeat.

Click on 6 MINUTE ENGLISH and you can improve your English listening and reading skills as long  as your vocabulary. You can download both podcasts and scripts so you can listen and read wherever and whenever you want.

CONVERSATION EXCHANGE (you must sign up)
Improve your writing and speaking skills by finding a penfriend!

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