sabato 8 giugno 2013

LESSON PLAN: What impact could a drink have on your night out?

Yesterday I attended a webinar with the teacher trainer Chris Graham about involving the four linguistic skills during the English class. Plus "classes must be personalized" he said. This morning I watched the latest drink-driving campaign advert by the British Government and I planned this lesson. I hope you will enjoy it!

60 minutes

1) Show your students this picture.
2) Ask them what they can see.
Then ask them to work in pairs and speak about how they usually spend their nights out. (Give them about 3minutes)

3) Make your students listen to the video. Only listen!

4) Ask them what happened. Then show the video but the final message.

5) Ask them the following questions:
What do the men look like?
What is their feeling after the crash?
What would be your reaction in their place?

6) Now show them the final message and explain this is an advert about the anti-drink driving campaign in the UK. (If you want to know more about the topic visit*

7) Divide the class in small groups and ask them to talk about the consequences of drink-driving. (Give them 5 minutes) Help the students with their vocabulary and grammar.

8) Now mix up the students so they can share with the others the ideas they have come up with in their groups.

9) Ask your students to write a short message to prevent people from driving after drinking alcohol.

*You can focus on the language used to give advice.

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