giovedì 19 febbraio 2015

Larissa and Inspector Z - Phrasal verbs with fun

In order to teach my upper-intermediate students some phrasal verbs useful for their Cambridge FCE exam I decided to create a comic series. Larissa and Inspector Z is a comic series which is useful for teaching and learning phrasal verbs in context with fun. I got inspired by the amazing Sylvia Guinan who wrote a post about using storytelling for teaching exam classes.
How can you use it in class:
1) Give your students a copy of this comic strips and ask your students to answer the following questions:
- Why did Larissa visit Inspector Z?
- What happened to James?
- What did Inspector Z find out?

2) In pairs students will try to work out the meaning of the six phrasal verbs. 
Get feedback from students. Write the phrasal verbs on the board with their definition/meaning so that everyone can see them.

3) Students predict what will happen next.

4)Homework: Students write sentences using the TL.

Next week a new episode!

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  1. hi Larissa

    your readers may find the PHaVE dictionary of use, it lists the most common +meanings+ of the 150 most frequent phrasal verbs -