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The power of free mobile apps - No 2 ThingLink

Here I am with the second post of the series "The power of free mobile apps".

Today I'd like to share with you some activities your students can do by using ThingLink (available on Web, Apple Store and Google Play).

What is ThingLink?

 Choose or take a picture with your phone’s camera and add interactive tags on your image such as YouTube videos, videos from your phone’s camera, twitter handles and text.
You can share your pictures with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email.
If you sign up on the website as a teacher you can create a class and get email and password for your students to use.

Register your students

You can manage your groups
Grammar - Free practice - beginners/elementary
If you are teaching present continuous students can practise the TL by describing the actions of the people in a picture. 
What I did: My adults students chose a painting they liked and they described it.
See an example here The Luncheon of the Boating Party

Literature -  Biography of a writer (any level)
[Remember you can add videos and links ;-) ]

CAMBRIDGE PET/PET for SCHOOLS - Speaking part 3
During this part the examiner gives you a colour photograph and you have to talk about it for about a minute.
Learners are often reluctant to speak in class especially shy students in large classes. By using ThingLink the learners can record their voice while describing the picture at home. 
What I have been doing: At the end of each class I ask my students to take a picture about the topic we have learnt in that session (e.g. sport, entertainment, the natural world, etc.) and describe it. In this way not only will they pratise their speaking skills for the exam but they will also revise the TL. 
[Remember that your video recording can be up to 30 seconds long so you must split your description in two parts]

If you have more ideas and activities to share I would love to post them here!

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